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CPL Filter placement when using a filter holder.

Colour Cast with ND FIlters

Are white clip on caps supplied with the filter holder adaptor rings?

My step up ring is stuck to my filter! How can I loosen it?

If dropped will my square ND filter shatter?

What's the best way to clean my filters?

What is the best ND filter for Portrait photography?

What is the best ND filter for landscape photography?

I've lost one of the screws relating to the X100 holder, can I obtain spares?

Can I use square NDs and GND filters together on the X100 holder?

What is the widest lens I can use with the X100 without vignetting?

How do I register my 25 yr warranty?

I detect a slight magenta colour cast when using ND filters?

How do I clean my filters if they get dirty / smudges are evident?

Why are the step rings made of brass as opposed to aluminium?

What are the main advantages of the X4 series screw in filters in comparison to the X2? Series?

What are the Dark CPL range of filters?

What are Nano coatings?

What is the difference between X2 and X4 series filters?

What is a DARK CPL?

What is the main advantage of using one a DARK CPL as opposed to a separate CPL and ND used together?

What is the value of combined Dark CPL as opposed to a separate ND filter?

Will I experience any colour cast when using the square or circular ND filters as sometimes seen with other manufacturers filters as in when using a 10 stop ( AKA Big Stopper) ?

Can i use the Breakthrough square filters with other manufactures holders?

How do i clean my Breakthrough filter if it gets dirty or wet?

How do I use a CPL filter with the X100 holder?

What is the guarantee period for Breakthrough filters?

What happens if a drop one of Breakthrough’s square filters?

 Are Breakthrough’s square filters made from glass or resin?

Are Breakthrough’s square ND’s and Grad filters guaranteed against fading?

Are Breakthrough filters supplier with cases?

How many filters can be used with the X100 holder at any one time?

Is the X100 holder supplied with a case?

Do breakthrough provide a case to accommodate the X100 holder, filters and adapter rings?

Do Breakthrough produce a variable ND filter for video use?

Does Breakthrough products an ND filter specifically for video?