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As the Breakthrough Filters UK distributors here at Cameracal we are very excited to launch our new Breakthrough dedicated site. Its been a journey several years in the making but finally we are live. We have avidly followed Breakthrough from their early days on Kickstarter right through to today where they have had a significant impact on the filter market in the USA. Producing the worlds sharpest and most colour neutral ND and CPL filters they have quickly gained a reputation of being the best filters on the market. 

They have a huge following of pro landscape photographers who, once they have tried the filters quickly move over to Breakthrough. Take a look at the calibre of photographer listed on their Team Breakthrough page.

In the few months proceeding this launch we have attracted an ever growing number of photographers joining Team Breakthrough UK and our doors are open to any photographers out there who are interested in becoming ambassadors for us to contact us!

So why did Cameracal make this move? As the UK's leading camera and lens calibration service it might seem strange. When establishing Cameracal a mere 3 years ago our singular goal was to be the best at what we do. Best service, best materials and tools used. One of our biggest hurdles was helping customers understand the need to calibrate. Countless times we've heard customers, after having their gear calibrated, that they thought it was them. That is was some failing in their use of the equipment that meant so many soft images! 

Not so! Most of the calibrations we carry out are due to the ridiculously high tolerance levels lens manufacture's accept. Sending out lenses that straight out of the box needed calibrating. 

Over that 3 year period we have become somewhat obsessive about any and all factors that can effect the sharpness of images and initially struggles to find a filter we were comfortable recommending. There is one and only one. A Breakthrough filter. They are just as consistently meticulous at producing the best filters as we are about delivering the best calibration. They make big claims and then back them up with proof. They offer a 25 year warranty to stand by their claims. 

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