Breakthrough Filters

X2 UV-Filter

  • X2 UV Filters by Breakthrough
  • X2 UV Filters by Breakthrough
  • X2 UV-Filter
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Breakthrough Filters

X2 UV-Filter

  • AGC japanisches Glas
  • 8 MRC-Beschichtungen (4 auf jeder Seite)
  • Nanobeschichtung
  • Traktionsdesign 
  • Wetter versiegelt
  • 25 Jahre Garantie

X2 Series Filters

8 MRC Layer

Nano Coating Layers

AGC Glass

X2 features our state-of-the-art 8-layer multi-resistant coatings which help to eliminate flaring, ghosting and low contrast. 4 layers of MRC are applied to each side of the optical disk, resulting in a total of 8 layers (MRC8)

Our breakthrough nanotec® Nano Coating layer repels dirt, water and other elements by beading rather than absorbing, making it easier (and faster) than ever to clean

The X2 UV filter features critically sharp AGC glass made in Japan

Tracking Frame


25 Year Warranty

We precisely machine each X2 filter from 3.5mm ultra-slim double-threaded traction frame from environmentally friendly aluminum

Built to withstand extreme wind, salt water, dust and other abrasive conditions and elements

We stand behind each X2 filter to be free of defects in craftsmanship for 25 years, but they’ll easily last 50+ with proper care

Traction Design

The moment you pick up a Breakthrough X2 filter you’ll immediately feel the craftsmanship and quality. We precisely machine each X2 traction frame from environmentally friendly aluminium, and with it’s matte black finish reflections are absorbed rather than reflected into the lens barrel.

Prior to of our all-new line of X2 and X4 traction designs, every filter borrowed the legacy flat black frame design, dating back to the 1940’s.

One of the problems with the flat black design is that it’s sometimes difficult to attach and remove the filters from the lens, frequently binding and getting stuck. By CNC machining texture into the X2’s aluminium frame it’s now easier than ever to get on and off, without getting stuck

Why 3.5mm?

In our lab tests 4.3mm was the frame width at which point vignetting becomes noticeable on 16mm wide-angle setups on full-frame setups. Any less than 3.0mm and lens caps don’t have enough surface area to grab onto. At 3.7mm vignetting is entirely eliminated.

Equipped for the great outdoors

In addition to state-of-the-art MRC8, our optical engineers developed new nano coating layer technology, called nanotec®, from the ground up to repel dirt, water and other elements by beading rather than absorbing and smearing. Set in our completely weather-sealed X2 traction frame the X2 ND was built to withstand the harshest of environmental conditions, guaranteed to be free from craftsmanship defects for 25 years.


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