X2 Series Filters

Michael Bathan

I was impressed right off the bat. The package was clean and professional in a sturdy high quality box then the filter was in-cased in it’s own tight plastic container. The is hardly visible. It’s something you would put on an forget about it. No noticeable glare. The multiple coating is great. I am very particular about cleaning my lenses every time the night before a job. What I really like about the X2 was it had a beading effect when there was liquid on it, which made it very easy to clean. Smudge and finger prints wiped right off.

I didn’t have any problem placing my lens caps on X1 and X2 even though they are very slim. I stacked other ND filters on top of them and precision the threads were perfect. I’ve emailed back and forth with the owner (Graham) and I was impressed with the speed of follow up. I like that they’re based from San Fran in Cali. I’m sure when they get big, the replies might take a little longer. Until then, I would recommend the X1 for any beginning photographers but I would recommend the X2 to pro-summers and pro photogs.


Joshua P Smith

Bottom line; this is an amazing, professional quality filter at an unbeatable price.

The rest of this information is for those who are interested in more than the bottom line. To give some context, I am a photo enthusiast/junkie not a professional photographer.

The product: absolutely fantastic. I have purchased cheap filters as well as more expensive B&W filters. I recently had the opportunity to really test the filter out both indoors and outdoors. This filter does exactly what you want, it has either zero impact on image quality … or enhances the quality when appropriate. I did a great deal of shooting with the filter outdoors and it was fantastic.

Build quality: This is one of the nicest and slimmest filters I have ever purchased. The product came in excellent packaging including 2 microfiber cloths, and a center pinch lens cap. I am assuming they included the lens cap in the unlikely event that the lens cap that came with your lens does not grab the inside of the filter. I honestly did not have ANY difficulty using the lens cap that came with my lens … so while I don’t think this is a concern, it was a nice inclusion with the filter itself.

Customer service: again, this is an area that Breakthrough Photography is above many other companies. If you check out their website you will see that they are a startup based out of California. They shipped the product almost immediately and I received it on the first possible day identified in my delivery window.

I highly recommend this product as well as the company itself!